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You find yourself surrounded in a decrepit place, yet you feel like the most worn out thing in sight. An unnerving tension and feeling of weakness covers you here, perhaps its the feeling of past sins bearing upon your shoulders, or just the weight of your clothes that are becoming too much to carry.

Perhaps its the feeling of being watched, like thousands of eyes are staring at you from the abyss, waiting.. But you cannot afford to wait with them.

Escape the catacombs of a dangerous place by persevering through deadly trials of survival that will test your reflexes, patience, and ingenuity. When you are not depending on your violent instincts, you will have to rely on your wits to discern the danger between choices that could result in your death.


- A unique blend of top-down shooting and text based adventure game mechanics

- Five levels of game-play based around bloody slaughter and survival (With a possible sixth level depending on your choices)

- Choice based narrative sequences between levels that change the way the game is played

- Smooth and simple to grasp combat and movement systems

- A cryptic story that unveils itself as you progress through the levels, complete with multiple endings

- Manipulate the deadly projectiles of hostile creatures to your will by mastering an understanding of your weapons

- Up to five different weapon possibilities that can be exchanged through your decisions, all possessing advantages and disadvantages

- Unique death sequences

- Challenging levels that can be surpassed through practice and an understanding of the hostile world around you

- A few hidden secrets...

Defy a god, Kill everyone, Save yourself.

Install instructions

Playing the game is very simple, simply extract the contents of the .zip archive to a desired location, then simply run the included .exe file to play ZTAF!

It is highly recommended that you read the included readme file for additional information about the game, and credits where they are suitable. Enjoy!


ZTAF_1-0.zip 30 MB